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Asian hair

I was recently asked about the possible difficulties in dealing with ethnic hair types, specifically with the hair of those persons of Asian descent. Asian hair is generally very straight, coarse, and often resistant. This means that the hair can be difficult to work with for those individuals who lack the experience in dealing with the hair of this type.

Most hairdressers when learning their trade deal with a limited variety of hair types, depending upon the setting in which they study and practice. In a school environment, this is often a matter of dealing with manikins whose hair has been treated to provide uniform texture and response to styling techniques. If the hairdresser trained in a salon setting with ethnically diverse clientele, then odds are that he or she will have had some experience in dealing with different hair types.

Furthermore, most stylists are trained to deal with the specific needs of different hair types, and learn to adjust their styling techniques according to the specifics of the individual’s hair. In the case of Asian hair, someone who works with Asian hair types exclusively will be more adept at styling Asian hair. And some people feel that having an Asian hairstylist is the best means of insuring that you get great service as an Asian, but this isn’t a necessity.

Let’s look at the challenges you might face in dealing with Asian hair, and discuss how to adapt your styling techniques to maximize your results. We’ll deal with the areas of Cut, Color, and Styling. We’ll outline the potential problems, and offer solutions.

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